The Watercolor Summit

Have you been wanting to learn how to paint with watercolor?

Join me and 7 other watercolor artists for the BEST watercolor online painting course: The Watercolor Summit.

My course will be  "Painting Light and Air" where I'll show you all my best tips and tricks to make your painting look like it's glowing with light!

The other courses included are:

Watercolor Explorations - An introduction

Loose Florals

Botanical Illustration

Monochrome Misty Landscapes

Realistic Florals

Feathers and Fur

Hand Lettering

Painting Light and Air

Join us this August for a 2-week online painting party, to learn each lesson and connect with other artists online to discuss and learn from each other. You'll get access to a Facebook group for discussion, lesson plans and lineart for each class, and lifetime access to the courses so you can learn on your own time.

Registration opens periodically, click here to register and sign up for updates:

This will be an incredibly fun, information-packed class you will not want to miss!