About Me


Did you know I discovered watercolor by accident? Wanting to find a better way to brighten the background on my colored pencil drawings, I began playing around with watercolor as the base layer to my work. Over time, each painting became more and more layered with watercolor and the colored pencils were simply the cherry on top of each piece.


Enamored with wildlife and inspired by my lifetime of playing in the woods, I try to bring a little bit of the outdoors into my bright and airy paintings. Each animal work has a hint of the realistic blurred into a watery, ethereal abstract. In addition to watercolor and colored pencil, my process might include pen, graphite and even gesso in the final painting. Sometimes I omit the animals entirely and paint only the abstract, adding gestural strokes and splashes to convey energy and a childlike playfulness.


Self-taught, I have been influenced by my time as a graphic designer and even cake decorator. Each job taught me to play around: to explore color and shapes as a never-ending experiment and to never, ever lose sight of having fun in the process of creating art!

I'm thrilled to pieces to share my art with you!

Ashley Prejoles