What would you do?

So...what would you do?

If you could do anything with the next chapter of your life?

What's your nagging little inner voice telling you to embrace and dive into?

I'm popping into your email box today to encourage you to just take a teeny tiny step towards that one thing before you go to bed tonight. Mail that thing, research that place, buy those supplies, talk to that connection... there's always something we can do TODAY to push ourselves further along our path.

The world needs us all to do that thing that we are really good at, that thing we are passionate about. I think the hardest part is to just start. But that's the one thing we wait forever to actually do. We want to wait for the planets to line up perfectly, right? The money to arrive, the extra time to open up, the talent to be perfected just a teensy bit more...

I want to share what I've learned over the last year...something I've told a couple of people recently when this topic of pursuing your dreams comes up:you will NEVER FEEL READY.

EVER. Like ever ever.



You can't count on your feelings to push you into the next place. Into that next level.

Because that's growth and growth feels weird.

Your confidence is the result of you doing first, then watching as things work out. You'll realize the sky didn't fall, the earth didn't swallow you up, and no one laughed and pointed at you. :) You'll feel stronger and more confident, then you'll take the next natural step. Then the next.

I have had two friends this month take a leap and start working on the passion they've been squirreling away for years and I am feeling exhilarated that they are jumping in!

I know they will be amazing because I've seen what they are capable of. Plus it makes me feel like I have trench buddies!



So jump in, take that tiny step and just start today. I'll be cheering you on. I know you can do it.

Email me when you do - I want to hear what you're working on!!!!



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